State and World Record Brook Trout List


Tim Matheson with the Manitoba Record Brook Trout. This fish weighed close to 16# and was released unharmed.

Brook Trout World Record

This species just like so many others had had close calls when it comes down to verified records. The brook trout current official world record stands at 14# 8 oz (6.577089 kg) However larger fish have been caught! In 2006 during a fishing tournament in Manitoba, a huge specimen was landed weighing close to 16 lbs based on the accepted formula for calculating weight by measurements. That fish weighing approximately 15.98# stands as the Manitoba record brookie (see below). In order for a fish to be determined as the world record it needs to be kept and weighed on IGFA certified scales. The fisherman who landed the fish was kind enough to practice catch and release, showing why Manitoba is a stellar destination for great fishing.

The Story of the Ontario Record Fish

In 1916 a fisherman was on a guided 7 day trip in the bush of Ontario. The Nipigon River has a lot of great trout fishing, however this day was different. A long trek back in had left them without an easy way out. The fisherman John William Cook a doctor in Ontario, landed the trout using a live sculpin. It was several days later when the monster fish made it out to be

weighed, by this point decomposition had been underway. The slime of the fish was gone and the brook trout was likely several pounds lighter than it would have otherwise been. But wait! there is even more drama involved in this story. The guides that were on the river with Dr. Cook had been disagreeing about the actual species of the fish. It turns out that there is a healthy lake trout population in the area and the fish could have been a “splake” brook trout/lake trout hybrid. This is a quite common occurrence, as these fish are very closely related and frequently spawn in close proximity to each other.

To this day, the controversy of the actual species of this fish is underway. The fish was mounted and placed in a museum, so the only logical thing to do in this day and age is a DNA test right? Indeed, except that museum burned down in 1990. With the tragic fire, went the only proof that exists about the origin of the blood that once flowed through the veins of that fish.

World record brook trout

The world record brook trout on display in Nipigon museum until a fire in 1990

State Record Brook Trout


Alberta 12 lbs 14.3 oz
Arizona 4 lbs 15.2 oz
Arkansas 5 lbs 0 oz
California 9 lbs 12 oz
Colorado 7 lbs 10 oz
Connecticut 9 lbs 3 oz
Georgia 5 lbs 10 oz
Idaho 7 lbs 1 oz
Illinois 7 lbs 5 oz
Indiana 3 lbs 15.5 oz
Iowa 7 lbs 0 oz
Kentucky 1 lbs 5 oz
Maine 9 lbs 2 oz
Manitoba* See story above for details* 15.98 lbs*
Maryland 6 lbs 1.75 oz
Massachusetts 10 lbs 0 oz
Michigan 9.5 lbs
Minnesota 6 lbs 5.6 oz
Montana 9 lbs 0.96 oz
Nebraska 5 lbs 1 oz
Nevada 5 lbs 10 oz
New Hampshire 9 lbs 0 oz
New Jersey 7 lbs 3 oz
New Mexico 5 lbs 0 oz
New York 5 lbs 14 oz
North Carolina 7 lbs 7 oz
Ontario – Official World Record- 14 lbs 8 oz
Oregon 9 lbs 6 oz
Pennsylvania 7 lbs 0 oz
Rhode Island 3 lbs 12 oz
Saskatchewan 6 lbs 2 oz
South Carolina 4 lbs 10 oz
South Dakota 11 lbs 3 oz
Tennessee 3 lbs 14 oz
Texas 0.67 lbs
Utah 7.5 lbs
Vermont 5 lbs 12 oz
Virginia 5 lbs 10 oz
Washington 9 lbs 0 oz
West Virginia 7 lbs 62 oz
Wisconsin 10 lbs 1 oz
Wyoming 9 lbs 11 oz